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Troughton & Simms Draughtmans Brass Bound Box

Troughton & Simms Draughtmans Brass Bound Box

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W: 20cm (7.9")H: 7cm (2.8")D: 18cm (7.1")


19th Century Troughton & Simms Mahogany and Brass Bound draughtmans set filled with drawing instruments (some with ivory handles) , ivory rules. Two interior trays. Includes paints etc. 

Troughton & Simms was a British instrument-making firm, formed when Edward Troughton in his old age took on William Simms as a partner in 1826.

It became a limited company in 1915 and in 1922 it merged with T. Cooke & Sons to form Cooke, Troughton & Simms.

The firm produced hundreds of astronomical instruments such as mural circles, transit circles, sextants, and other astronomical instruments for observatories around the world.

Previously, Troughton had been a sole proprietor, and before that he was in partnership with his brother John. John died and Edward took on Simms in 1826. Edward Troughton died in 1835.

In 1876 they supplied the Imperial Standards Of Length gauges mounted at Trafalgar Square in London UK.